Physical activity as a supporter of mental health

We are looking forward to your participation in an active workshop on the benefits of
physical activity on our brain and mental health. This workshop is on (home)office
ergonomics and best exercise that you can carry out wherever you are. Exercise is like
a real magic potion, as it has been proved to be effective in the treatment of over 40
chronic diseases, it can protect you from mental disorders, make you live a much
happier and healthier life. We will be talking about the right dosages and best
prescriptions. You will find out whether there are perfect positions and chairs for
sitting in the (home) office, should we use standing desks and be afraid of text necks?
We will do some myth-busting about posture and talk about keeping our eyes sharp.
Be ready for some exercise!

Physiotherapist Katre Lust-Mardna is the founder of Füsioteraapia Kliinik and besides
giving lectures on office ergonomics and moving around in the office, her everyday
work is to help patients with different kinds of musculoskeletal disorders, whether
these problems are due to sporting activities or sitting too passively. She has a
master’s degree in physiotherapy from Tartu University and currently, she is taking
part in the International Olympic Committee Sports Physical Therapies program.  

Workshop link and other details will always be sent to the participants e-mail on the
same morning as the event takes place and not later than 12.00. For further
information or questions You can always write

Physical activity as a supporter of mental health

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10. mai, 2022


Katre Lust-Mardna