Mindfulness @ work (inglise keeles)

Mindfulness has become a new scientific branch that connects contemplative neuroscience, clinical, organizational and other branches of psychology as well as ancient practices. Research has shown that it can help to reduce stress, anxiety and conflict, and increase resilience and emotional intelligence, while improving communication in the workplace. Introductory course will give the participants conceptual understanding of mindfulness as well as the chance to try out different formal and informal practices. The main focus of the workshop will be on science, theory and practice of mindfulness in the workplace context. It will provide the participants with a good foundation to take part in the more comprehensive 8-week course.

About the trainer:

Kärt Lust-Paal (Tartu University, Psychology, M.A.) is an accredited clinical psychologist, trained CBT therapist, mindfulness teacher and founder of The Academy of Good Thoughts. One of her key objectives as a mental health enthusiast is the prevention of mental health disorders through psychoeducation and evidence-based practices. As a clinical psychologist she works mainly with anxiety disorders, depression, burnout, low self-esteem and perfectionism. Kärt started her mindfulness teacher training at the Oxford University as she noticed that knowledge of mindfulness was the missing part from numerous cases she had worked on (including recurrent depression patients and many more). She believes that mindfulness practices are the root to living a more fulfilled and meaningful life. For more than seven years she has been giving mental health lectures and mindfulness sessions to numerous companies.

Mindfulness @ work (inglise keeles)

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3. mai, 2022


Kärt Lust-Paal
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